Soujiyi: Insights To Improving Your Email Marketing

In this era of advanced technology, maintaining connections with people is essential. We can use many business opportunities. We get them by connecting with people. Additionally, it promotes business expansion. So, we must know the channels and tools that help communication. One website that can assist us in conducting international business is called Soujiyi. We will provide you all the information you need to know about this platform through this article. Let’s read the article to gain more comprehensive knowledge about this platform. Also, be aware of the procedures for registering and logging in. And, know the website’s products and their costs.

What is Soujiyi?

Soujiyi is an online email marketing platform. This involves sending targeted, personalized email campaigns to engage customers and build relationships, promoting brands, products and services. It uses data driven strategies to deliver relevant content to audiences, enhance customer relationships and drive patronage effectively. Its development is being supervised by Chongqing Haifa Network Technology.Co.Ltd. The main headquarters is located in Hengda Zhongyu Plaza, Yubei District, Chongqing.

Services Offered by Soujiyi

The website offers a variety of products that you can use to improve and expand your business. Below is a list of the products that platform currently offers: 

Sales CRM

This platform’s interactive sales CRM offers a number of helpful services that assist companies in managing their clientele. It finishes a number of jobs, including filtering out duplicate customers, assigning customers, managing their status, and labeling them. 

Email Finder

They provide companies with a quick and easy means of sending emails to their intended recipients. It makes email marketing less complicated for users, even though it takes time. 

Email campaigns

This platform’s other product can assist companies in expanding the reach of their audience. Businesses are able to look up the details of international buyers with its assistance. In order to communicate with their intended audience, they can also gather their email addresses. 

Data Subscription

With the help of artificial intelligence, this product helps users access more pertinent and informative data. It guarantees 95% accurate content and facilitates the collection of useful data for users. 

How to Sign up?

You’ll need to create an account on the platform, signing up for soujiyi usually involves a few straightforward steps. Hence the procedures for registration on the website are listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to web browser and search platform. 
  • Step 2: Go to the official website by clicking on the results that show up on your screen. 
  • Step 3: The sign-up button is located in the upper right corner of the official website. 
  • Step 4: You will be redirected to the registration page after clicking the “sign up” button. 
  • Step 5: You will now be prompted to enter your password, username, country code, and mobile number.
  • Step 6: Once you have finished entering your information, double-check it to make sure there are no errors.
  • Step 7: An account will be created for you when you finally click the register button. 

Some Steps to Soujiyi Login

When you’ve finished creating your account, you must log in to the portal to improve your access. Therefore, you can login to the website by following these steps, which we have listed here: 

  • Step 1: Go to official website. 
  • Step 2: You can find the login on the homepage.
  • Step 3: You will be taken to the login page after tapping the login button.
  • Step 4: Then, you need to enter your login information, which includes your password and username. Use your email address and mobile number as alternatives to the username. 
  • Step 5: Finally, complete the login process by confirming your mobile number. 


In this article, we have talked about Soujiyi. This is a great platform that provides its users with multiple number of services and goods. By connecting with their target audience and giving them accurate and trustworthy data, it can assist users in growing their businesses. It makes connecting processes simpler by providing a more straightforward method of locating audience information.

Note – The blog post mentioned above only aims to provide educational and informative content. It will be helpful for you to visit the official website if you discover any kind of data noncompliance.

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