Let’s Know About The Business Tycoon of Sunjay Kapur

Sunjay Kapur

Sunjay Kapur is a well-known businessman who is widely own for his high profile love interests and divorce with his ex- spouse Karishma Kapoor  who have two children together Samiera and Kiaan Kapur for whom they are fighting a legal battle rather than that Sunjay is also known for his sport enthusiasm, and  luxuries. In this article, we will share details on his life.

Sunjay Kapur Biography  

Sanjay Kapur is a renowned personality in the Indian business industry, specially he is known for managing business (a leading auto components manufacturing company) ventures and active intellectual finance investments. He is actively in rumors because of his ex- wife Karishma Kapoor, who is a well known Bollywood Actress which continuously pulls him into public polls although he tends to keep his personal life private.

Sunjay Kapur Age

Sunjay was born as a Libra on October 21, 1965, New Delhi. He is currently 58 years old. Kapur holds an American citizenship. His well-groomed appearance has kept captivating the public eye on him.

Physical Appearance

Kapur’s approximate height is 5 feet 10 inches and he works hard to maintain a fit physique, which reflects his ways to a disciplined lifestyle. He has a tattoo on his left forearm. Sunjay kapur’s well balanced appearance has been scintillating in the eyes of media and public.

Early Life

Sunjay Kapur was born in a wealthy and privileged family, his father Dr. Surinder Kapur was a renowned businessman. Growing up in a prerogative environment he had access to the best buildup of his character and his academic excellence which lead to the foundation of his strong and impactful personality.


Kapur is one of the members of board of governors of the same school he got his basic education from elite Doon School, a boarding school. Furthermore he completed his graduation from The  University of Buckingham in business administration. He also did further studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School, his educational background is impressive.


Sunjay Kapur is a prominent businessman, Kapoor is known for his contribution in Sona group which is a leading automobile parts manufacturing company under his supervision the company has extended their reach and has achieved heights, apart from managing business he has interests in various sectors.

Sunjay Kapur’s strategic vision and business excellence have got him respect in the corporate world.

He has also invested in real estate and other ventures, diversifying his business experience. His ability to identify remunerative opportunities has been instrumental in his success.


Sunjay Kapur comes from a well- entrenched family; his father Dr. Surinder Kapur was a prestigious businessman and his brother Sandeep Kapoor is also contributing to business only. The Kapoor family is well known for their charity for education and healthcare.

Sunjay Kapur Marriage Relationships

Sunjay Kapur’s personal life has been in the media for his high profile relations. They always revolved around his marriage and divorce situations. His marriage to Karishma Kapoor was a lavish ceremony with their family and friends although it didn’t last. Despite all the challenges faced by him he proved to be a dedicated father for his children Samiera and Kiaan.

Sunjay Kapur Spouse

Sunjay Kapur initially married to Nandita Mehtani with whom he got divorced in 2003. Later he married Karishma Kapoor a renowned actress of Bollywood and a daughter from the very high profile Kapoor Family from Bollywood in 2003 unfortunately their marriage didn’t last and with that they divorced in 2016. He is finally remarried Priya Sachdeva, a very known Entrepreneur and Model and is married till date.


Sunjay has two kids from his first wife and the mother of his children is Karisma Kapoor. They have a daughter, Samiera Kapoor, and a son, Kiaan Raj Kapoor for whom they are fighting a legal battle in court for custody after their divorce. From his third wife, Priya Sachdeva he has a son, Azarius Kapoor in December 2018.

Sunjay Kapur Net Worth

Sanjay Kapur’s net worth is not exactly disclosed however one can estimate it in millions by taking his business ventures, investment and family wealth in the calculation. His extravagant lifestyle, high profile relationships and luxurious car collection can simply disclose his financial status.

Social Media

Unlike many other business tycoons Sunjay has kept his life private as compared to his  not being much active on Social Media he always makes his admirers curious about his life. He priorities are his business and family. He tends to complete his roles in both the places away from the public sight. Sanjay still occasionally makes appearances at high-profile events and family gatherings which are covered by the media posted by others.

Unkonwn Facts

  • Sunjay Kapur is well known for his philanthropy, although he tries hard to keep them minimal and private. He has been contributing to various charities, focusing on the education and healthcare sector.
  • Besides this Sunjay Kapur has an eager interest in luxury cars and is well known to have an extravagant impressive collection of them.
  • Also Sunjay enjoys playing golf. He is a sports enthusiast also and is often spotted at golf courses in India and abroad exclusively.


Q: What does Sunjay Kapur do?

Ans: Sunjay Kapur is a renowned businessman, particularly he is managing Sona Group, it is a leading auto components manufacturing company.

Q: Who was Sunjay Kapur’s ex-wife from Bollywood?

Ans: Sunjay’s ex-wife was Karisma Kapur, she is a famous well known Bollywood actress.

Q: How many children does Sunjay have?

Ans: Sunjay has three children, Samiera Kapur and Kiaan Raj Kapur from his second wife Karishma Kapoor and a son Azarius Kapoor from his third wife Priya Sachdeva. 

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