How Optavia Ruined My Life: A Dietitian’s Review Of The Diet Plan

However it retains a reputation as a short-term solution for rapid weight loss. But the methods used in Optavia programs have not always been well received. Well, through this blog we will tell you how right and wrong is the diet plan program for weight loss. We will share with you its side effects, benefits and other information in individual’s life and also tell how Optavia ruined my life.

What is Optavia?

Optavia is a weight loss program and wellness plan that provides structured eating through pre-packaged, low-calorie meals called Fuelings. Participants typically eat five meals of fuel and one homemade lean and green meal per day. The program also includes personal coaching from trained Optavia trainers who provide guidance and support throughout the journey.

Optavia focuses on portion control, balanced nutrition and creating healthy habits to help individuals achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. It is designed to simplify healthy eating and provide a supportive community for sustainable lifestyle changes.

How does Optavia work?

Let us know about Optavia’s program in detail.

  1. Low calorie with High Protein: The Optavia program offers low-calorie meals. In which a person needs only 800-1000 calories per day for weight loss. Portion-controlled meals are high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fat.
  2. “Lean and Green” meals under the program: The 5 & 1 Optavia plan allows the individual to eat one “lean and green” meal per day. This is food that you are expected to prepare yourself. This includes 5 to 7 ounces of lean protein, three 1/2 cups of non-starchy vegetables and up to two servings of healthy fats.
  3. Hydration: In addition to the above meals, the diet system calls for drinking 64 ounces of water each day.
  4. Optavia fuelings: Optavia provides to eat for weight loss 5&1 meal according to plan, which says to eating in 2-3 hours in a day.
  • The bars
  • Shakes
  • Bouillon
  • Pancakes & Cereal
  • Mashed Potatoes & Mac & Cheese
  • Hot chocolate

Side Effects of Optavia

When you eat such a low-calorie diet, you may not be getting the proper amounts of nutrients you need on a daily basis, like vitamins, minerals and proteins. In such a situation, a person can also become a victim of malnutrition. Following a very low calorie diet may have some side effects. Many of these side effects include:

  • Low energy level due to malnutrition.
  • Deficiency of nutrients.
  • Hair thinning and hair loss
  • Gallbladder Stones

Cost of Optavia Per Month

We have given you almost all the information about Optavia. Now we will tell you what is the per month cost of Optavia. It is quite valuable. The cost each month is about $400 or more. Its price depends on which plan you select. 

If you want to invest in your health. So if you have extra money, you can use that $400 each month to support long-term, sustainable habit changes. You can try eating more nutritious whole foods, joining a gym, or even purchasing some home workout equipment to improve your overall health. And from this, you can improve your health and also save money.

How did Optavia Ruin lives?

It has ruined the lives of many people and made them sick. Because people often rely on processed foods and are led to believe that home-made food replacements are healthier than regular meals. 

After taking these, one feels lethargic and many people also experience constipation. Problems like stomach problems, cramps and irregular bowel movements have also been observed.

He often started having problems in lifting weights. The person begins to crave foods that are strictly prohibited on the optavia program, such as sweets, pasta, rice and bread. Stamina was reduced, making it difficult to run or walk long distances and often feeling tired and lethargic. Due to extreme calorie deficiency, sleep problems started occurring.

However with the Optavia 5&1 plan, some people experienced a weight loss of 20 pounds within the first 10 weeks. And, the longer you stayed on the program, the more weight you lost.


Through this blog we can conclude that, while on one hand optavia claims to help people lose weight, it has also been found to have side effects on their health. Besides, its scheme is expensive which is out of the budget of common people. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Does Optavia damage muscles?

Ans. On the Optavia 5&1 program, only 800-1,000 calories per day is quite low. Especially for people who consume 2,000 or more calories per day. However, having such a low calorie intake results in overall weight loss. Some research has shown that it can also cause significant loss of muscle mass.

Q.2 What are the risks of Optavia?

Ans. Under Optavia there are low calorie meals. Which slows down the metabolism and can cause excessive fatigue. The most common complaints about Optavia on the Better Business Bureau include bad customer service and billing issues. Some customers report that they gain weight unexpectedly after the program or feel bloated and sick during it.